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Welcome to www.Exchange-Rates.com - We provide foreign currency exchange rates and currency conversion tools. The website is available in many world languages (see list below). Read below about how The Exchange Rates website can help you.

International Money Transfers - Find a Currency Provider for your Money Transfer requirements.

The Currency Converter at www.exchange-rates.com can help you on your smartphone wherever you are. Alternatively view the website in widescreen on a desktop computer or tablet device. We feature adverts from Google offering you opportunities to continue your search for more products and services.

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Flights, Hotels and Car Hire are all things you will need for a holiday abroad. Calculate the cost(s) with www.exchange-rates.com.

Own or manage a business using Foreign Currency? Stay ahead of the game with the help of moneycorp. After you have signed up with moneycorp a Business Account Currency Specialist will be in contact with you to discuss and arrange your foreign currency requirements.

Cryptocurrency can also be converted - currently we only feature a small selection of the popular cryptocurrencies (see the currency converter below).

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Are you Emigrating? Are you an Expat? Own a Home Abroad? - Visit us at www.exchange-rates.com to calculate prices, set up regular payments abroad with a selection of money transfer providers, recommend us to friends and family visiting you abroad, view our website in a selection of foreign languages and more...

Weather Forecasts for world countries are available here.

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