The currency conversion below is for buying Iraqi Dinar and selling quantity 1 Venezuelan Bolivar. View the historical rates and changes for VEF to IQD exchange rate.

118.696294 Iraqi Dinar (IQD)

Last updated 2017-12-16: Rates updated every 60 seconds.

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1 Bolivar to Iraqi Dinar (1 VEF to IQD)

1 IQD to VEF

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Venezuelan Bolivar to Iraqi Dinar conversions

FlagsCurrenciesAmount convertedResult
VEF to IQD20% less (0.8)94.9570352
VEF to IQD10% less (0.9)106.8266646
VEF to IQDSame amount (1)118.696294
VEF to IQD10% more (1.1)130.5659234
VEF to IQD20% more (1.2)142.4355528
VEF to IQD30% more (1.3)154.3051822
VEF to IQD50% more (1.5)178.044441

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