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View the British Pound to Euro Exchange Rate and send money to Europe (1 GBP to EUR).

1 British Pound to Euro = 1.156197

£1.00 GBP = 1.16 Euro

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1 British Pound to Euro

Convert 1 British Pound to Euro from United Kingdom to Europe. currency converter uses exchange rates that are updated every 5-10 minutes.

Find out more about the GBP EUR Exchange Rate, including a graph of historical pricing. We use mid-market exchange rates for all currency conversions.

1 British Pound to Euro (LIVE EXCHANGE RATE): 1.156197

The United Kingdom currency is pounds and pence. There are 100 pence in a pound.

The European Union currency is euros and cents. There are 100 cents in a euro.

The conversion value 7 days ago was 1.159008. Check the GBP to EUR trend.

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United Kingdom to Europe Exchange Rates

Compare 1 Pound to Euro Conversion (£ to €)

FLAGSGBP EUR Compare British Pound to Euro
United KingdomEuropean Union 1 GBP to EUR = 1.156197
United KingdomEuropean Union1 British Pound to Euro = 1.156197
United KingdomEuropean Union10 British Pound to Euro = 11.561971
United KingdomEuropean Union100 British Pound to Euro = 115.619708
United KingdomEuropean Union1000 British Pound to Euro = 1156.197076
United KingdomEuropean Union5000 British Pound to Euro = 5780.985378
United KingdomEuropean Union201 British Pound to Euro = 232.395612
United KingdomEuropean Union501 British Pound to Euro = 579.254735
United KingdomEuropean Union1001 British Pound to Euro = 1157.353273
United KingdomEuropean Union1501 British Pound to Euro = 1735.45181
United KingdomEuropean Union2001 British Pound to Euro = 2313.550348
United KingdomEuropean Union5001 British Pound to Euro = 5782.141575
United KingdomEuropean Union10001 British Pound to Euro = 11563.126953
United KingdomEuropean Union15001 British Pound to Euro = 17344.112331
United KingdomEuropean Union20001 British Pound to Euro = 23125.0977089
United KingdomEuropean UnionView GBP EUR Chart

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