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*based on an exchange rate comparison taken on 26th January 2018 between Lloyds, RBS, Natwest and moneycorp. features over 100 currencies. Below you will find country exchange rates from the Albanian Lek (ALL) currency. Currency exchange rates are updated every 60 seconds. Click to view the complete currency list.

Convert money from Albanian Lek to other currencies at the exchange rates below. Last updated 2018-03-20.

Middle East Exchange Rates (ALL Rates)

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To get the exchange rate from another currency click the currency in the "Rates" column in the table(s) below

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Transfer MoneyCurrency ConvertedExchange RateDay ChangeRates
Armenia money transferTransferArmenian Dram
Bahrain money transferTransferBahraini Dinar0.0036130BHD
Egypt money transferTransferEgyptian Pound0.1685830.0001EGP
Hong Kong money transferTransferHong Kong Dollar0.0751780HKD
Iran money transferTransferIranian Rial361.2229350IRR
Iraq money transferTransferIraqi Dinar11.3475180IQD
Israel money transferTransferIsraeli New Sheqel0.0333090.0001ILS
Jordan money transferTransferJordanian Dinar0.0067810JOD
Kuwait money transferTransferKuwaiti Dinar0.0028730KWD
Lebanon money transferTransferLebanese Pound14.4719220LBP
Mongolia money transferTransferMongolian Tugrik22.9633920.0479MNT
Oman money transferTransferOmani Rial0.0036890OMR
Qatar money transferTransferQatari Rial0.0348840QAR
Saudi Arabia money transferTransferSaudi Riyal0.0359380SAR
United Arab Emirates money transferTransferUnited Arab Emirates Dirham0.0351980AED
Yemen money transferTransferYemeni Rial2.3950550YER