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Today's BHD to ZWL exchange rate: 1 = 855.73285

BHD to ZWL Currency Converter

BHD to ZWL exchange rate movements

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Last updated 2018-03-23: Rates updated every 60 seconds.

BHD to ZWL historical rates

1 BHD to ZWL
Day % Day Change
0.0741% 0.6334
Week % Week Change
0.0275% 0.2354
Month % Month Change
-0.0532% -0.4553
Year % Year Change
-0.1327% -1.1369

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Historical Bahraini Dinar to Zimbabwean Dollar exchange rates (BHD ZWL)

Click to view historical rates for the BHD ZWL exchange rate

Today's exchange rate: 1 = 855.73285

View BHD exchange rates.

View ZWL exchange rates.

View the Bahraini Dinar to Zimbabwean Dollar exchange rate graph for the past year.

BHD to ZWL exchange rate movements

See the exchange rate changes and historical rates for the Bahraini Dinar to Zimbabwean Dollar exchange rate below.

1 BHD to ZWL Day % Day Change Week % Week Change 30 Day % 30 Day Change Year % Year Change
855.73285 0.0741% 0.6334 0.0275% 0.2354 -0.0532% -0.4553 -0.1327% -1.1369

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