Canadian Dollar to US Dollar Exchange Rate

Canadian Dollar to US Dollar exchange rate (CAD to USD) and currency chart showing the past year are below. Canadian Dollar to Dollar currency converter is also available below to calculate your currency conversion. Plus you can view the CAD USD currency movements (day, week and year) in the table below.

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Canadian Dollar to US Dollar exchange rate

1 Canadian Dollar = 0.74682 Dollar

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Canadian Dollar to US Dollar exchange rate movements

1 CAD to USD Day % Day Change Week % Week Change 30 Day % 30 Day Change Year % Year Change
0.74682 -0.0216% -0.0002 -0.2307% -0.0017 -2.0372% -0.0155 -1.4247% -0.0108

Historical Canadian Dollar to Dollar exchange rates

Yesterday 0.746982

2017-03-26: 0.750441

2017-03-25: 0.747549

2017-03-24: 0.747438

2017-03-23: 0.749174

2017-03-22: 0.750053

2017-03-21 (week ago): 0.748548

2017-02-26 (month ago): 0.762352

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