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Popular Exchange Rates

Pound exchange rates (GBP)

GBP EURPound to Euro1.1441
GBP USD Pound to US Dollar1.3469
GBP CHF Pound to Swiss Franc1.3431
GBP CAD Pound to Canadian Dollar1.7345
GBP AUD Pound to Australian Dollar1.7928
GBP HKD Pound to Hong Kong Dollar10.5728
GBP AED Pound to UAE Dirham4.9467
GBP CNY Pound to Chinese Yuan8.5887

Euro exchange rates (EUR)

EUR GBP Euro to Pound0.8741
EUR USD Euro to US Dollar1.1773
EUR CHF Euro to Swiss Franc1.1740
EUR CAD Euro to Canadian Dollar1.5161
EUR AUD Euro to Australian Dollar1.5670
EUR HKD Euro to Hong Kong Dollar9.2415
EUR AED Euro to UAE Dirham4.3239
EUR CNY Euro to Chinese Yuan7.5073

Dollar exchange rates (USD)

USD EUR Dollar to Euro0.8494
USD GBP Dollar to Pound0.7425
USD CHF Dollar to Swiss Franc0.9972
USD CAD Dollar to Canadian Dollar1.2878
USD AUD Dollar to Australian Dollar1.3310
USD HKD Dollar to Hong Kong Dollar7.8498
USD AED Dollar to UAE Dirham3.6727
USD CNY Dollar to Chinese Yuan6.3767

Canadian Dollar exchange rates (CAD)

CAD GBP Canadian Dollar to Pound 0.5765
CAD EUR Canadian Dollar to Euro 0.6596
CAD USD Canadian Dollar to Dollar 0.7765
CAD CHF Canadian Dollar to Swiss Franc 0.7743
CAD AUD Canadian Dollar to Australian Dollar1.0336
CAD HKD Canadian Dollar to Hong Kong Dollar6.0955
CAD AED Canadian Dollar to UAE Dirham2.8519
CAD CNY Canadian Dollar to Chinese Yuan4.9516

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