Historical exchange rates are important because you can get a guide to the level(s) the exchange rate has been at before. When making a international money transfer you can use historical exchange rates as a guide to what direction the exchange rate will go in next. This, for example, will help you decide whether you should make an international money transfer sooner rather than later knowing the potential losses or gains from delaying the transaction.

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Example of rates history affecting the amount you receive when you transfer money

When the UK voted to leave the European Union the pound was devalued. In fact if you exchange money before and after brexit:

Before brexit the GBP EUR exchange rate was: 1 Pound = 1.30 Euros

After brexit the GBP EUR was trading at 15% lower: 1 Pound = 1.105

If you were selling a property in France at these different times for the total sum of £200,000 the difference would be:

(200,000 x 1.3) - (200,000 x 1.105) = £39,000

In summary, you would have lost £39,000 pounds if you sold your £200,000 home abroad after the Brexit vote compared with before the Brexit vote.

Historical Exchange Rates at www.exchange-rates.com

Historical exchange rates are provided for 90 days from the current day. You can also view the highest, lowest and average exchange rate throughout the time covered for historical rates. You will find each exchange rate with a date and day so you know what the exchange rate for that currency pair was that particular day.

Historical exchange rates can be used to predict future exchange rates. When making a money transfer this can be useful in helping you to decide when to make an international money transfer.

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How to find any currency pair exchange rate history

1. Select the currency from by clicking here
2. Select the currency to in the "currency converter" column in the table
3. You will then see the annual graph for the currency pair. To view a list of historical exchange rates, click the historical rates link.

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