Travel money

Buy foreign currency, travel money online from £100. Delivered to your address or manage it online in your bank account.

Buy travel money online at competitive exchange rates and have it delivered to your address or manage it online in your bank account. By buying travel money before you travel you will get better exchange rates compared with using a bank when you arrive at your destination or at an airport on your journey. Get a FREE quote with no obligation to buy or sell.

When going on holiday, you want to get the best exchange rates to maximise the amount of money you have to spend on holiday. Open a TorFX account today and have the money delivered before you travel (TorFX offer free delivery on all orders over £700.). Avoid high street banks and bureau de change shops that charge money to transfer money for your holiday.

Travel money for your holiday

Buy currency online before you travel

If you buy foreign currency before you travel, the exchange rate you will exchange your money at will be better than if you wait until you arrive at your destination.

Pre-paid Mastercard Debit Card or Cash delivered?

You can either add money to a pre-paid Mastercard debit card or receive cash to your address. With the debit card you can withdraw money abroad or pay for goods and services at companies accepting Mastercard. The minimum top-up on the pre-paid debit card is £50. Pre-paid debit cards take 3-7 days to arrive at your address whereas cash currency can be delivered next day if order before 3pm (Monday-Thursday). A Saturday delivery is also available. When paying for cash currency with a debit card processing time is quicker than when paying via bank transfer. Please allow extra processing time (approx. 2 hours) when paying via bank transfer. Cash ordered is delivered to your address before 1pm next day with a handling charge of £4.75. Early morning delivery of cash is also available for a price of £14.99.

Free buyback of currency

Free buyback of your unspent currency is also available. You can also get the same rate of conversion as when you bought the currency if the currency buyback is requested within 7 days of buying the currency.

Transfer from £50

We have partnered with TorFX whom provide travel money at competitive exchange rates. You can exchange any value of currency starting from as low as £50 when topping up the Mastercard Pre-Paid Top-Up Debit Card.

Delivered to your home

Holiday money can be delivered to your home address with TorFX. TorFX offer free delivery on all orders over £700. Get the best rates for your holiday money conversion(s). Next day delivery is made when ordering before 3pm. TorFX provide tourist exchange rates that are competitive.

TorFX Travel Money has partnered with TorFX to bring you Travel money at competitve exchange rates. Sign up for a TorFX currency account today. You can take advantage of FREE currency updates and FREE rate alerts and FREE quotes. You can use these currency services with no obligation to buy or sell currency.

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