Convert salary and send money to or from the UK

Convert a salary to or from UK pounds. When you calculate your take home salary or wage per month you will then be able to consider what proportion of that money you want to convert into a foreign currency to send to or from the UK. You will probably benefit from talking to an International Money Transfer company that will provide you with knowledge of the direction of the particular currency exchange rate you are dealing in.

Large payments to or from the UK

For large payments to or from the UK you will get the best exchange rates from an International Money Transfer provider.

UK Salary Calculator

Visit to calculate your take home pay. The salary calculator is useful for UK citizens whether sending money to or from the UK. Great British Pounds earned within the UK are taxable above a certain threshold whether you send the money abroad or not and likewise money you receive from abroad (sent to the UK) is also taxed and must be declared whether you bring the money in cash or send it online or using a bank or International Money Transfer company.

Best UK exchange rates for sending money to and from the UK

If you can afford to wait to transfer UK (GBP) money you may be able to time your money transfer to achieve the best conversion exchange rate. If you prefer to trade at today's rate but you need the money converted at a future date this is also possible by using what is called a 'future contract'. A future contract locks in today's exchange rate for a currency transaction in the future. You will probably need to convert a very small percentage of the money today and convert the larger proportion of the money at the agreed date (up to 1 year in the future for most companies that offer futures contracts).

UK Money Transfers

Compare money transfers at to get the best rate.