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Once you have opened an moneycorp account you can buy travel money. There are numerous ways you can get travel money with moneycorp but the service is limited to UK customers travelling abroad. You can Reserve and Collect foreign currency, use a moneycorp currency exchange at an airport (Gatwick, Stansted, Bristol) or from their Central London located currency exchange or get a moneycorp prepaid currency card (Red Explorer Mastercard or White Explorer Mastercard).

moneycorp Prepaid Red Explorer Mastercard

With a moneycorp Red Explorer Card you can lock in an exchange rate in advance and then spend money using a Mastercard. You can check your moneycorp travel money balance online using the moneycorp website or app. When on holiday you can pay for shopping, hotels, restaurants etc. using the Mastercard from moneycorp. An added benefit is having Red Explorer Mastercard means you will not need to carry large amounts of foreign currency in cash and if you lose the debit card you will not lose your money as the moneycorp Travel Card is pin protected which is required when paying and withdrawing above £30. The currencies you can load to the moneycorp travel money prepaid Red Explorer Mastercard are:

moneycorp fees and exchange rates for Travel Money

moneycorp Travel Money bought with a Prepaid Top-up Travel Money Debit Card will offer you good exchange rates for your money exchange and there are no top-up fees. Once you have topped up the travel money card you can use ATM's worldwide to withdraw travel money. Holiday money can be bought online at the moneycorp website or using the moneycorp app. This means it is possible to add money to a prepaid moneycorp travel money Mastercard from anywhere in the world.

If you exchange money at an airport the exchange rate will be less competitive than if you buy currency in advance because moneycorp offers better exchange rates online compared with their currency exchange locations.

Buy currency in advance of your Holiday for the best exchange rates

If you want to exchange currency at the best exchange rates you will probably do this by buying currency in advance of your arranged holiday(s). By buying travel money in advance of your holiday you can afford to wait until the exchange changes in your favour. Futhermore you will not need to sit at a computer for the arrange the currency exchange at the best exchange rate because moneycorp has a FREE exchange rate alert service which will alert you when your target exchange rate has been reached (Simply sign up with moneycorp today and receive free exchange rate alerts for your Travel Money). You can then decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase of travel money. Alternatively travel money can be bought at the airport which is very convenient but this is where you will find the worst exchange rates. We advise that you buy holiday money in advance rather than at the airport where you may also find fees are added for the currency exchange service.

moneycorp travel money at the Airport

moneycorp has currency exchanges at 3 UK airports (Gatwick, Stansted, Bristol) and 1 currency exchange in Central London.

Should be using the moneycorp Money Transfer or moneycorp Travel Money Service?

The best exchange rates are achieved when you transfer a large amount of money. If you require a large amount of foreign currency for a holiday you should use moneycorp Money Transfer Service rather than moneycorp's Travel Money Service. You will receive more foreign money in exchange and you can arrange it over the phone or by yourself online using the moneycorp app or website. In addition another reason to use moneycorp International Money Transfers is you will find you have access to exchange money between over 120 currencies compared with the small number of currencies available when using the moneycorp Travel Money Services.