Moving abroad requires time spent on arranging visas, international removal company and buying and selling property. All these processes will cost money. You may be moving abroad for business needs, relocating due to work commitments or you may be emigrating abroad with a permanent relocation. can provide you with 5 FREE quotes from leading international movers including Crown, Pickfords, Britannia, etc. Their quotes can save you up to 40% on internatioanl mover costs.

Things to consider when moving abroad

Cost of living

Wherever you move to the cost of living will be different to the location you have moved from. Property prices will not be the only consideration. You should also look into costs of food, petrol, entertainment, energy and more before deciding to relocate. Exchange rates are always changing and will affect the price of relocating to a foreign country so you need to keep an eye on changing exchange rates. If you plan to frequently travel between countries then you also need to plan for ongoing currency exchange requirements not just short term currency exchange rate fluctuations. You may like to visit the area for a holiday before deciding to relocate to your chosen destination. You will then begin to establish whether moving there is a viable option. If you are planning to live in a tourist destination the cost of living will likely be higher than if you choose a less popular location.


Speaking the native language of a foreign country can be difficult to learn. Different countries have different cultures too so language is only part of settling in to living in a different country.

Foreign exchange

Wherever you are moving internationally you will probably need to exchange money. recommends TorFX for international money transfers. TorFX exchange rates improve as the amount you are transferring increases. Furthermore if you are converting over £2000 you will pay zero fees and no commission.

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Property taxes

Taxes are commonplace when buying a property abroad. You need to be aware of the extra payments you will need to make for tax purposes when buying your property abroad.

In particular, if you are buying a second home abroad then the taxes can be higher.

Capital gains tax

When selling your property to relocate abroad any profit you have made with be liable to capital gains tax.

International movers

Once you have decided where you are relocating to your move abroad will involve using the services of a international removal company. International movers will pack and deliver your possessions to your new location abroad. is a partner of the International Association of Movers and you can request removal quotes with them. They will then provide you with 5 international mover quotes that you can compare to help you to decide the best price and quality of service that you wish to use. This service is 100% free with no obligation to use their service(s). You can save up to 40% on international mover costs when using the comparison services of

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