Need to save money when buying a property abroad?

If you're buying overseas, foreign exchange for such transfers shouldn't be an afterthought. You will need to send funds to make the purchase, and when you're making such a big decision and moving to another country, using a high-street bank could be a costly mistake. Fluctuating exchange rates and transfer fees can cost you, and when you're making such large payments, every penny saved helps.

High-street banks can typically charge up to £40 per transfer, meaning you could potentially save money by using a foreign exchange specialist for not just your property purchase, but also future mortgage payments and overseas living costs. Partnering with exchange experts moneycorp, they can offer you a fee-free service.

With the ability to send over 150 currencies worldwide 24/7, you can also schedule automatic payments which are perfect for regular transfers such as mortgages, and lock in a desired exchange rate for up to two years with a forward contract to keep a rate unaffected by market movements. (Please note: a forward contract may require a deposit)

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