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When you travel abroad you may choose suitable accommodation near to your home whilst you are away on holiday or you may know a relative that can help out whilst your pet stays at your house in their familiar environment. Alternatively you can take a pet on holiday. If you decide to take your pet with you they will need a health check before travelling and cost of travel for a pet may be dependent on size. Furthermore you will want to consider the quickest routes and best airlines most suitable for pet travel.

Airline pet travel policy

Airline pet travel policies are the following: Pets can travel on an aeroplane when accompanies by an adult passenger and they must remain under the aeroplane passenger seat in airline compliant baggage.

If pets are not permitted in the cabin they can travel on the airlines cargo hold as checked-in baggage.

If you have a guide-dog or other Service Animal you will find many airlines that allow animals to travel with a disabled passenger.

Flight check-in with a pet

Your pet can check-in to a flight either walking with you through the scanner and once cleared security you can put the cat or dog into the carrier ready for the flight to another country. You may want to travel light to enable you to focus on the cat or dog that maybe nervous when at the airport or on the flight with you. Whilst at the airport be sure to keep your pet of a lead so that it cannot escape from you whilst at the airport.

Pet-friendly Hotels

A holiday with a pet requires you to not only follow flight procedures but also book a pet friendly hotel. Search for hotels that allow pets (go to https://search.exchange-rates.com and search for hotels in your holiday resort and then select "Pets allowed" from the 'facility' section to only show search results that allow pets in the Hotel room).

Car rental for pet travel

When you arrive in a foreign country you will probably want to rent a car to minimise the stressful environments that your pet is exposed to. You will find car rental available at the airport and while they often have cars available on the day you travel it is advisable to book a car in advance to ensure it is the correct size and suitable considering the size and needs of your pet(s).

Pet Passports (UK and EU pet travel)

Pet passports are issued once your pet is over 3 months old and the pet has a microchip. They will also need a rabies vaccination. Once they get their EU passport it is not valid until after 21 days after their rabies vaccination. When you return to the UK, if your pet is a dog they will need a vet check and tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before they come back. However pet cats do not require these pet checks and can just simply come straight back into the country.

International pet travel

Moving your pet between countries requires following regulations. Understanding the rules will ensure the pet import is successful and without complications. Pet dogs and cats need to be vaccinated for rabies and the exact regulations depend on the country your pet is travelling from and to.

The World Organisation for Animal Health classes countries as the following:
- rabies-free
- rabies-controlled
- high risk of rabies

You will need to check the country sepcific requirements depending on the country you are travelling to.

Pet training for busy environments

Make sure your pet will be calm in busy environments such as airports, shuttle buses and more. You could train you dog by taking them to a suitable location(s) before travel such as trains, buses and city locations.

Weather conditions, water and food

Your pet dog or cat will likely benefit from travelling at cooler times of day or night. Consider the timing of the flight(s) you are booking with your pet in mind. Also keep pet food and water available before travel as there may be limited access to offer your pet food and water whilst in flight or at the airport.