British Pound to Chinese Yuan Exchange Rate

British Pound to Chinese Yuan exchange rate (GBP to CNY) and currency chart showing the past year are below. Pound to Yuan currency converter is also available below to calculate your currency conversion. Plus you can view the GBP CNY currency movements (day, week and year) in the table below.

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British Pound to Chinese Yuan exchange rate

1 Pound = 8.63020 Yuan

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British Pound to Chinese Yuan exchange rate movements

1 GBP to CNY Day % Day Change Week % Week Change 30 Day % 30 Day Change Year % Year Change
8.63020 0.054% 0.0047 0.4518% 0.0388 1.3801% 0.1175 -7.0144% -0.651

Historical Pound to Yuan exchange rates

Yesterday 8.625537

2017-03-26: 8.610476

2017-03-25: 8.581051

2017-03-24: 8.581051

2017-03-23: 8.616989

2017-03-22: 8.580514

2017-03-21 (week ago): 8.591383

2017-02-26 (month ago): 8.512712

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