Property abroad and exchange rates

Buying a property abroad requires money to be transferred to a foreign currency. You may be buying a property in Spain, France, Switzerland, the UK, the United States, or another country. Exchange rates fluctuate day-to-day, and over a week or month an exchange rate can change dramatically depending on many economic and political factors. So once you have found your ideal location to buy a property abroad, you will benefit from understanding exchange rates. Timing your purchase right could save you a lot of money if you exchange at the best rate.

Example: Exchanging money from UK Pounds to Spain Euros

Did you know that you can save £1000's when buying a property abroad? If you were converting money from British Pounds to Spanish Euros to buy a property worth over £100,000 you could save £1000's. We have partnered with TorFX who can help you achieve the best exchange rate when you exchange money to a foreign currency. Not only do they provide 'bank beating exchange rates' they also provide guidance on timing your money transfer. If you are planning on buying a property abroad, or you are in the process of making a purchase of a property in a foreign country, then we recommend the services of TorFX Currency Exchange. If you are transferring over £2000, there will be no fees to pay on the currency transaction, saving you money. You can also manage currency transactions using an online account with TorFX. Alternatively you can speak with them on the phone to discuss foreign currency transactions.

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