Swiss Franc to Euro Exchange Rate

Swiss Franc to Euro exchange rate (CHF to EUR) and currency chart showing the past year are below. Swiss Franc to Euro currency converter is also available below to calculate your currency conversion. Plus you can view the CHF EUR currency movements (day, week and year) in the table below.

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Swiss Franc to Euro exchange rate

1 Swiss Franc = 0.93364 Euro

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Swiss Franc to Euro exchange rate movements

1 CHF to EUR Day % Day Change Week % Week Change 30 Day % 30 Day Change Year % Year Change
0.93364 -0.0135% -0.0001 0.2933% 0.0027 -0.5774% -0.0054 1.8968% 0.0174

Historical Swiss Franc to Euro exchange rates

Yesterday 0.933764

2017-03-26: 0.932838

2017-03-25: 0.934325

2017-03-24: 0.934325

2017-03-23: 0.933409

2017-03-22: 0.933778

2017-03-21 (week ago): 0.930908

2017-02-26 (month ago): 0.93906

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