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Disclaimer provides for FREE the live exchange rates between countries currencies around the world. The currency exchange rates are updated live every 60 seconds. We use a trusted, reliable source for the information provided at however we cannot be held liable for any errors. We do not advise you in any way regarding exchange rates for you currency transaction(s). The data at should be used with caution; before trading or making a money transfer you will need to speak or deal online with a forex broker or bureau de change as we do not provide financial advisory service(s).

We recommend moneycorp currency broker for your currency transaction. Currency brokers such as moneycorp can provide you with accurate exchange rates before you decide to accept to make your money transfer. DO NOT rely on our exchange rates. There will be a difference between the buy and sell exchange rate for every currency exchange rate. We only provide 'mid-market rates' which are in the middle of the buy and sell currency exchange rate. Rates at this website are only intended to be indicative and may be inaccurate and therefore cannot be relied upon.

Currency Converter Terms Of Use

The currency converter provides you with a means to convert currency from one currency to another. The money converter uses mid-market rates to calculate your currency conversion. When you make a money transfer you will be offered a buy or sell rate that is either side of the mid-market rate. Therefore the accuracy of our currency converter is not as accurate as that provided when you actually make a money transfer. To get an accurate exchange rate for currency transactions or trading forex you must seek exchange rates from an alternative reliable source such as a currency broker.

The Currency Converter is also available to add to your website, blog, forum, etc. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the currency conversions provided on your website, blog, forum, etc. The currency converter widget cannot be used on an intranet or amongst workers of a business. The currency converter widget is designed to be used only with websites used by the general public. Usage of the currency converter widget is monitored and abusers will be contacted appropriately.