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How much money do you need to take on holiday?

Here at we feature and recommend moneycorp for buying Travel Money for your holiday. moneycorp provides competitive exchange rates and you use a top-up card which you can add money to before or during your holiday (top-up using a bank account or debit card).

Foreign currency at the airport Bureau de Change

If you buy foreign currency at the airport, the currency exchange rate will be less competitive. If you can, buying your foreign currency before you travel is the best value, maximising the amount of foreign currency you will get from the currency exchange. moneycorp has Bureaux de Change at various UK airports. You can buy and sell foreign currency at the airport. Alternatively you can buy foreign currency at the moneycorp website.

moneycorp Travel Money before you travel on holiday

Sign-up and log-in to the moneycorp website to buy and sell foreign currency. moneycorp offer a top up card that you can add money to for your holiday money. Travel money is best bought in advance compared with buying at a Bureau de Change at the Airport. Although moneycorp has offices at the Airport the Airport exchange rates will be less competitive than the exchange rates available online at the moneycorp website

Using your credit card abroad

If you pay for products and services abroad using you credit card, your card will be charged at the current exchange rate at the time of your foreign currency payment. Some credit cards will charge you extra fees if you are using them to buy cash from a Bureau de Change.

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